Bonus Materials And Trainings


This section contains any bonus recordings or calls that are relevant to you but not necessary in the primary course. This area contains interviews, additional sales trainings, other offers that may fit well as a bundle or up sell to the Digital Menu that we use to get our foot in the door.

Live Interview Recording From My “GoMobile Happy Hour” Zoom Call

On this recorded live call we discussed how my Digital Agency has survived over the past decade and what is working right now. On the call we cover:

  • Key Factors To Position Your Agency To Smoothly Sail
  • Framing Your Agency To Offer Any Service Without Compromise
  • What Changes / Pivots Were Made in Q2 of 2020
  • Client Honeypots Found In The Past 4 Months
  • How To Quickly Identify Pain Points And Services Needed

Agency Owner Interview

Confidence To Close Training


The confidence to close training series was built to help new Digital Agencies develop sales techniques and ability to build trust and easily influence prospects through an understanding of why prospects decide to purchase or choose you, and what techniques they can use to effortlessly move from “no” or “maybe later,” to “yes” and “I’ll buy right now.”

Each session provides real world and actionable information and insight that can be implemented instantly to enhance your sales, negotiation, and networking skills.


One of our fellow RDS Network members, Marc, had a few questions on our recent live stream call. He runs a successful digital agency in the Bay Area and to benefit everyone we all jumped on a Zoom meeting.

He had some great questions about a local restaurant using an online ordering system and how to best approach them about their digital menu. We also discussed fulfillment and ongoing service / costs and some self help options.

Agency Owner / Member Zoom Call

Member Zoom - Chamber Preparation


Miguel had a few questions before preparing his Zoom presentation for the local Chamber in his area. We jumped on a call with him to cover some important discussion points and framing the slide deck to be educational, and informative.

We also discussed his background in sales and how he is leveraging a local university to help the community and build a sales team at the same time.


On this live training we covered why it’s important to NOT contact our clients we allow you to leverage directly, the back end promotional strategy discussed in week 7 and how one agency is planning to use it, and updated everyone on the contest promotion that’s been running the past two weeks.

We also discussed leveraging our directory sites, and local area restaurant lists to run a promotion to during the month of August, and answered questions live.

27 July 2020 - Live Session

Member Zoom - Social Traffic Setup


Kathleen sold her first digital menu and bundled it with a social promotion video and was looking for a little help configuring her first social traffic campaign.

I jumped on a call with her to walk her through the initial setup and any questions in regards to picking the right articles and configuring the initial campaign so that she can simply clone the process and swap out a few links in the future.


On this live training we covered what we are up to with our Digital Service Agencies and selling digital menus. We discussed the ongoing contests as well as a strategy we’ve been using since the beginning of the year to get in front of business owners via social media.

We also discussed common questions and objections from local business owners after reach out, and answered questions live.

10 Aug 2020 - Live Session

24 Aug 2020 - Live Session

On the 24 Aug session we covered what’s working for our Digital Agencies right now and the strategies we’ve set in motion to generate new leads and sales.

Ross and I covered some of our digital assets that’s we’ve built for the strategy to include a local website / directory, FB Pages, and Instagram accounts that we will leverage for lead generation and authority in our local communities. We also discussed creating a strategy checklist that we will create and include for you.

On this live training we made some major announcements. But before that we reiterated the point to not reach out directly to our example locations and the reasoning behind that. This call had some great live questions and interaction with newer members. We announced the upcoming release to the Social Media Influence checklist and some tweaks we’ve made since the last call. We also officially announced the new landing page, sales funnel, and CRM that we will be including for all RDS members in late Sept 2020. And finally the vision and opportunity to work within our Preferred Partner Programs. 

8 Sept 2020 - Live Session

Member Zoom - Cold Outreach Emails


John’s already sold his first 2 digital menus, and had a few questions before preparing his cold outreach to a large franchise owner that he has the contact info for.  We jumped on a call and discussed how to frame the initial email and more.

This deep dive included us creating a plan for the initial subject line, what to include ( and more importantly what not to) in the body, and how to ensure his email warranted a response. We also discussed how to track and follow up with the owner, and what key factors to pay attention to.

On this live training we officially announced the release of a new “Preferred Partner” Program and the plan for the new Website, Live Demo and CRM. 

We also acknowledged new members that are off to a hot start and some great questions in the FB group. Our live questions and answer session also had some great interaction.

28 Sept 2020 - Live Session