Welcome To The RDS System

This site will be the home for any downloadable content and recordings that are not posted in the private FB Group. As of 1 Sept 2020 all live trainings are held via Live Stream in the group. If you can’t make the live training calls they will be recorded and any questions can be answered on the thread below the recording. Please be sure to tag us in your question to ensure that we see it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! We are currently selling Digital Menus in multiple countries and have the option for different language options as well. 

Yes! However due to the hard costs of building and hosting it would use one of your DigiCredits, and would either require you to be on the monthly plan or pay separately to cover the costs.

We will review and cover the upfront and monthly DFY costs in the training as well as provide a pricing sheet for you. Don’t worry it’s not expensive.

Email our support desk at Support@JeffHerschy.com and we will ensure you have the latest pricing sheet, help you understand the margins, and start the process with our web forms.

As a monthly member you have access to our team to help you close your deals. To schedule a closer email support and we will work with you to find a mutual time. Please do not commit to a time until we have confirmed an open slot.

Your training calls will be scheduled inside of the private FB group using StreamYard. The will be recorded and posted for you.

That’s great! If you already have a system in place and would like to service your clients and not leverage our staff we can cancel your monthly membership, and you will still receive the full training course and package. You just will not have access to the Done For You services and pricing.

We cover that in the training and will also provide you with “Suggested Retail Pricing” that we currently sell the offer at that would provide you with a good margin.

That depends on you. We will provide you all the training, encouragement, support, and tools you need using our proven process to close local mom and pop as well as national chains. Taking the training and implementing it is on your shoulders.

Email Support@JeffHerschy.com or use the Support Menu Option On This Page